The Lamborghini massage chair made me forget I’m poor and sore at CES 2019

There are times when you might regret buying a $30,000 chair. But the moment you’re sitting in a deluxe massage chair shaped like a Lamborghini is not one of them.


If CES is all about showcasing the latest and greatest tech, then you can file the Lamborghini Massage Chair in the ‘greatest’ category. Created by Bodyfriend, a company that started out in South Korea and now calls Los Angeles home (specifically, a ritzy home near Beverly Hills), the LBF-750 massage chair is about as premium as you can get.


Modelled after Lamborghini’s Aventador Roadster, the chair looks like Transformers’ Bumblebee mid-transformation — the sleek lines, the sharp edg


es, even down to the start button that perfectly mimics the ignition of the real thing and a revving sound that roars when you start your massage.





But it’s not just about looks — this chair delivers under the hood, or, more accurately, headrest. The 4D massage beats anything we’ve ever tried in the airport departures lounge and it’s fully customisable to work on your pain points. There’s also a 5.1-channel speaker system and a wireless remote to operate the whole thing (complete with a little dashboard simulation to make you feel like you’re on the road).


And if you don’t want to share? You can lock this baby down with a fingerprint lock to keep your massage history (massage history!) safe.


CES is a punishment, but somehow a few minutes in this makes the whole thing worthwhile… if you’ve got the cash to splash.

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